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Single Review: Savarre “Scars”


SAVARRE, a trailblazing Spectra Rock band, has unveiled their latest track, “Scars.” The outfit’s unabashed sincerity and excellent lyricism are on display in “Scars.” Released under Isabeau Records, it is the sixth single launched by SAVARRE. The song’s raw and aspiring lyrics are on show here. Before “Scars,” the band has released five other singles, titled ‘Unbeautiful,’ a self-aware rock classic that turns a heartbeat into a rumble. ‘Art of the Bleed’ is the next track, a sensual journey guided by a bass-heavy beat. ‘Blood Under The Bridge,’ an unapologetic and grandiose melodic rock tune that soars to the heavens while remaining grounded. Then there’s ‘Awake,’ an existential dive into our fundamental being, fueled by big rock riffs and countered by the purity of acoustic piano. ‘Haven,’ an unapologetically emotive rock ballad that both soothes and cuts at the soul.

Shannon Denise Evans, a multi-talented singer-songwriter, composer, playwright, and novelist, leads the New York-based band. She is, nevertheless, a bold storyteller at heart. She devotes her undivided attention to whatever she does, and her symphonic rock band, SAVARRE, is no exception. Shannon’s raw and emotive voice brings the music’s legendary lyrics to life as lead vocalist, lyricist, and co-composer. Her ability to tell stories comes through in all of her musical creations. Her voice is an irrepressible force, loud, bold, and expansive. “Scars” will undoubtedly capture the attention of both listeners and critics due to its majestic, mystical vocal delivery. Speaking about her latest single, Shannon said, “The situations that left me scarred made me stronger, smarter, and more resilient. I now proudly display my scars as marks on a route that leads me back to myself.