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Single Review: Savarre “Scars”

by Shawal


New York-based ‘Spectra Rock’ outfit Savarre has once again enthralled their fans with their latest track, “Scars,” which is now available on all major streaming platforms. Shannon Denise Evans, a multi-talented singer, songwriter, playwright, and novelist, leads the group. Her very powerful voice substantially impacts the track’s overall appeal. She delivers a very powerful vocal performance that makes the song incredibly penetrative and compelling to the audience. The sixth single from Spectra Rock outfit, “Scars,” illustrates the band’s unwavering authenticity. This song is a fantastic blend of catchy hooks and dynamic performances, with a well-balanced and well-conceived composition from the start. SAVARRE’s vocals, featuring both sweet and violent aspects, are the song’s main attraction.

As the main vocalist, lyricist, and co-composer, Shannon’s raw and passionate voice brings the music’s iconic words to life. Her talent to narrate stories shines through in all of her musical productions. Her voice is a force to be reckoned with: it’s loud, bold, and vast. Due to its beautiful, mysterious vocal delivery, “Scars” will definitely captivate the attention of both listeners and critics. When asked about her new single, Shannon said, “I became stronger, smarter, and more resilient as a result of the experiences that left me traumatized. My scars are now proudly displayed as markers on a path that takes me back to myself.”

“Scars” is now available on all the major digital music platforms, including Spotify.