Navarre Lounge (Single Review)


Single Review: Savarre “Scars”

by Navarre


Let’s welcome our newest edition to the Navarre’s Lounge spotlight, SAVARRE! SAVARRE is a spectra rock band coming to us from New York. The group is led by Shannon Denise Evans, whose creative career spans a number of disciplines: artist, singer, songwriter/composer, playwright and novelist. At her core, however, she is simply, formidably—a storyteller.

Shannon shares, “For me, the experiences that created my scars made me stronger, smarter, and more resilient. I wear my scars proudly now; they are markers on a path that led me back to myself.”

SAVARRE has a number of releases on their Spotify page, and each of them is a treat to listen to. We really get to see the chops of the band members as SAVARRE flaunts their musical expertise over different styles of songs. I won’t say I have a favorite from their published tracks, but I might have had “Art of the Bleed” on repeat for a while.

The song ‘Scars’ is one of those songs that are less heard and more experienced. The vocals are magically woven into the rise and fall of the instruments, and Shannon’s words are spoken with such raw emotion behind them, that you could begin to grasp the gravity of the thoughts and meanings behind each verse.