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Single Review: Savarre “Scars”


SAVARRE’s latest single ‘Scars’ boasts powerful lyrics with an ethereal delivery and a strong message!

SAVARRE presents its new single Scars. It follows the authentic and bold work from the group that has turned heads and turned many listeners into fans of this avant-garde group from New York that defines their genre as spectra rock.

SAVARRE is led by Shannon Denise Evans, a true Renaissance woman who is a singer, songwriter, composer, playwright, and novelist, and whose literary and musical talents shine through in each track the band releases, including Scars.

Scars is a song that expresses her own past and the experiences that left her scarred but better for it, a situation that many people are sure to resonate with. Each scar is something to be proud of, as it marks a path that led Shannon to become better, wiser, stronger, and more resilient, also becoming more herself in the process.

The song boasts powerful lyrics and an ethereal, dreamlike delivery that elevates it to a whole new level. It is sure to thrill fans of music that is dark but not hopeless, and that brings a strong, resonant message that inspires people to look at their scars from a different perspective.

SAVARRE is an innovative and unique music group that is likely to be enjoyed by progressive and alternative rock fans that stand apart from other mainstream and modern compositions. They offer a unique sound with strong lyrics rooted in literary tradition with evocative and intriguing metaphors. SAVARRE is all about expression and making music a way of showing one’s authentic self, creating truth through art. This honesty and commitment to authenticity help the band stand out and reach the listener’s souls, building literary songs that are sure to resonate with many different people.

A highlight of the band is Shannon Evans’ own voice and her texts. They blend to create a memorable and genuine listening experience that sticks with the listener. Scars is characterized by a special ethereal quality that forces the listener to engage with it fully. It brings a strong message, too, expressed through the always authentic voice of Evans. Their music is all about the personal, emotional truth, and Scars is not the exception to this rule. The contrast between sweet and distant, ethereal and personal, and dark and hopeful makes it a memorable song with a raw performance that is certain to thrill listeners who enjoy a dynamic performance and a beautiful, clear voice. Rock fans and those who are seeking performers outside of the mainstream who speak the truth through their work and offer original, creative experiences must check out the new song from SAVARRE, as well as their past releases.