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Single Review: Savarre “Awake”


Despite the fact that the song was released online in 2020, it continues to provide the globe with a supreme taste of SAVARRE’s exceptional musical abilities.

“Awake,” a hard-hitting single from SAVARRE is a gripping, intriguing, and enthralling tune that will keep you listening.

With a fantastic and outstanding track, the outfit exhibits the ability to create a big song with powerful drums. After listening, you will believe that SAVARRE is incapable of making a mistake in your eyes.

However, even if “Awake” is not the type of music you are accustomed to hearing, it is superior and better than the other tunes on your playlist. There is no doubt that the out-of-the-ordinary and amazing song will present you with a thrilling musical experience that will leave you wanting more.

There is more to this track than merely hard-hitting drums. That said, there are still moments when the drums slam into the music with the force of a train wreck. However, there are points in the single where the music takes a different turn.

Many songs are one-dimensional, in the sense that they are either hard-hitting or soft-sounding. “Awake,” on the other hand, is more diversified, including elements of several musical styles and multiple twists and turns throughout the composition. Despite this, the lead vocalist Shannon Denise Evans not only flawlessly adjusts to the song changes, but she also does so in a surprising manner of elegance.