Scars (Single)

Blood Under The Bridge (Single)

Art of the Bleed (Single)

Awake (Single)

Haven (Single)

Unbeautiful (Single)


Not one to shy away from wearing her heart on her sleeve, Evans packs a powerful punch with the meaningful and inspiring lyrics and breathes life into the lyrical narrative with her breathtakingly distinct vocal, paired with the soul-stirring chorus and a melody line so memorable it is likely to take up residence in your brain for the rest of the day. Savarre’s sound incorporates elements of edgy rock, and she manages to create a unique and refreshing sound that is entirely her own.”

— Crank It Music Mag

“An emotionally charged raw masterpiece that speaks strongly against societal dogmatic and oppressive views, “Unbeautiful” by SAVARRE is a showcase of unabashed authenticity, accomplished songwriting, and exquisite execution. At the heart of the track, the lead vocalist’s (Shannon Denise Evans) exceedingly impressive vocals glide over the cinematic soundwave, exuding untamed passion and purpose, bold and unapologetic.”

— Daily Music Spin

“Shannon’s voice is as raw and rare as it gets; ebbing and flowing through the soundscape and exuding an irresistible allure. Her performance is beautifully haunting–it lingers even after the music ends, and that is how you know that you’ve come across a golden composition.”

— Tunepical

“As the main vocalist, lyricist, and co-composer, Shannon’s raw and passionate voice brings the music’s iconic words to life. Her talent to narrate stories shines through in all of her musical productions. Her voice is a force to be reckoned with: it’s loud, bold, and vast. Due to its beautiful, mysterious vocal delivery, “Scars” will definitely captivate the attention of both listeners and critics.”

— Limitless Magazine

“When she sings, she gives her voice a swell and pulls that you would hear from a theatre performance. Shannon has one of those voices that would work well without any instruments. Her technique and range are enough to carry you through.”

— Celebrity Online

“Shannon Denise Evans is known for her enigmatic stage presence and intense live performances. With a distinctive and captivating sound, SAVARRE has quickly gained a dedicated following and is poised for a breakthrough in the music industry.”

— Top Charts

“Shannon’s ability to relate stories is evident in every one of her musical compositions, including “Awake.” With her stunning vocal delivery, Savarre will significantly impact the music industry.”

— Brand dot Education

“Her amazing range, crystal clear vocals, and soulful-meets-country sound help Shannon, who serves as the band’s front-woman, paint a vivid story through her words and emotions. SAVARRE feels like a cross between Adele and Carrie Underwood.”

— UrbFash

“Shannon’s phrasing is the biggest factor influencing the song’s sense of stakes. You believe every word from her mouth. This isn’t merely performance; it comes across as full-blown catharsis. The incongruous intimacy she produces with her voice isn’t embarrassing, however, you never want to “turn away” from such an outpouring of emotion. It’s galvanizing, instead. I hear an artist in full flight, inspired by the exercise of her expressive powers, and expect her skills will only grow with each new release.”

— Hollywood Digest

“Vocals by Shannon: Imagine the lyrics coming to life through a raw, passionate sound force. This is not just music—you’re immersed in an audio novel where you must navigate its many turns as the protagonist.”

— Grammy Weekly









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